1. Standing On The Corner of Live & Learn (S. Granda)

2. Standing Alone (T. J. Rogers)

​3. That's Not What I Had In Mind (Nienhaus, Granda, Rogers)

4. Mind Over Matter (S. Granda, J. Bohlinger)

5. Sunshine (S. Nienhaus)

6. Julie's In Love (G. Ross)

7. Girl From Southern Illinois (T. J. Rogers)

8. Nothin's Been Right Since You Left (S. Granda, D. Goodwin)

9. Hell Has Returned To Frogtown (T. J. Rogers)

10. Nicolette (S. Granda, B. Kleoppel)

​11. Tell Me About You (S. Granda, C. James)

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R&N Coasters set of 4

1. Blue Letter (R. Curtis, M. Curtis)

2. One Kiss (T. J. Rogers)

3. Small Talk (D. McIntosh)

4. Love Hate Love (M. Curtis)

5. Make My Own World (T. J. Rogers)

6. Southern Cross (R. Curtis, M. Curtis, S. Stills)

7. Gypsy Rider (G. Clark)

8. Time You Come (S. Nienhaus)

9. Night Road To Goshen (R. Curtis, M. Curtis)

10. Stand In My Way (T. J. Rogers)

11. The Long Road (S. Nienhaus)

12. Pirates (T. J. Rogers)

13. By The River (M. Curtis, R. Curtis)

​14. Cool Summer Breeze (M. Curtis, R. Curtis)


Domestic U.S.

1. This Disguise (S.Nienhaus, T. Helham)

2. I'm The One (T. J. Rogers)

3. That's Not What I Had In Mind

    (Nienhaus, Granda, Rogers)

4. Tricou House (T. J. Rogers)

5. Empty Room (Nienhaus, Rogers)

6. The Flame (T. J. Rogers)

7. On The Water (S. Nienhaus)

8. Arrevederci Rome (T. J. Rogers)

9. Citizen Kane ( C. Battin, K. Fowley)

10. Amsterdam (T. J. Rogers)

Bonus Track~China Moon (Clyde 'Skip' Battin)