Art comes in many forms, in a miriad of expressions, born from inspirations as diverse as the Universe. Music is a constantly evolving art form, flavored by the artists who creat it, blending cultures and styles into a recipe that sooths the soul. It certainly is a "Soul Stew" bursting with flavor with the combination of Terry Jones Rogers, Scott Nienhaus & R. Scott Bryan...a bit of Macon,Ga blended with a healthy dose of St. Louis,MO, and careers that have traversed the globe...Terry Jones Rogers fronting The Byrds with Michael Clarke and The Byrds Celebration, Scott Nienhaus with The Nicolette Larson Band, Firefall and The Byrds Celebration, and R. Scott Bryan with Sheryl CrowThe Peter Mayer Group, and now with The Allman/Betts Band. 
   All three are very talented singer-songwriters as well as multi-instrumentalists, inspired by the great songs and harmonies of a diverse group of Artists, including The Beatles, The Byrds, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Steely Dan, Louis Armstrong, Tom Waits, James Taylor, Jackson Browne and so many more!! Each has a voice unique in it's own way, whether singing lead or in beautiful harmony, both live and in the studio, blending together with experience that will titillate the senses. Don't miss an opportunity to see and hear this exciting new combination, introducing to you now, Rogers, Nienhaus & Bryan.